Hello fans & friends,

Today my band and I were ap-Paul-ed when we found out that three of our newly recorded music videos were LOST. I pooped and peeed my pants so hard that i cried and Rihanna came in and started to sing her new hit single hard causing my other band members (Clip Pinko, and Sock Jibble) to do the same. My good friend Draco Malfwoy came over and said "EXSPELLEEEOMUS!" and wipped us with his wand so our pee and poo were gone. I was so releaved that I almost pooped and peeed again. Draco had a sort-of sexy devilish look on his face after and i liked it. Later we met up for coffee and a few other things that i cannot say on the interweb. I was so happy i pooped and peeed all over him.

,love Paul