Hello fans & friends,

I got a call from my mother last weekend and she said "PAUL YOU SILLY LITTLE BOY! ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! THROUGH A BIRTH PARTY RIGHT NOW!" And I even say "Mama, Mama, I say we will have a good time if you follow theese steps sooo ooo I will throe a birth! BUT YOU ARNT INVITED! You are not famous enuff for this party it is a red carpet event!"

Mama cried!

My birthday was the biggest party I hav ever bin to!
 Kristen Stewert showed up first with Robby "The son of my favourite guy Patty"  Patty-son and her mom
then came Nicole Richie but she colapsed once she got a text that DJ AM died so we danced and partied around her pregenent (collapsed) bod. Soon Britney came and half way through her performance Kanye say "Hey Paul my mane man happy birthday but you know yo yo it is my birthday" so i say "BOOO!" And he run all the way to homs home! Beyonce cried after he pushed her to the ground and say "KANYE! OUT!" but i kissed her boo boo after we all started dancing and everything a whole circus came throo the doors of paris hiltons night club thati had rented out and after they took off thier masks i realized it was a whole bunchlet of celebs including....     Cameron Diaz,Jessica Alba,Salma Hayek,Pink,Madonna,Kate Hudson,Johnny Depp,Drew Barrymore,Jay-Z,Brad Pitt, And Angie-leena Jo-lee,Matt Damon,Keannoo Reevs, AND Jessica Simpson along with Ellen Degeneres! 
and then the party really got started when apple crumbly started falling from the ceiling and Meagan Fox opened her crazy vampire mouth (just like in Jenniffers Body) and gobbled it alll up! So britney and kanye teamed up to poop on her but i got to the scene fast enuff to collect thier poop and put it in a bag and add it to the collection of poop that i have in my closet!  


loooove Paul who is officially 17 years old!